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Financial Processes

As specialists in GP Dynamics for the last 20 years, we have seen the landscape change how we do business. The growth of remote work due partly to the global pandemic but also the convenience that advanced technology allows has enabled a better-informed method of closing the books. We have listened intently to our clients and colleagues and researched this trend which has become normalized in many companies and organizations.   As our company aligns our values and mission with trends to transform how we work together, we have developed proprietary processes to work together with multi-faceted teams.  

Our Approach

We believe that a consultant should be more than an advisor. I put myself in my client’s shoes, align my approach with your objectives, and collaborate with you to unlock the full potential of your business systems. This builds a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship. The right approach is necessary for the right outcome. I will start with a conversation about the issues your business is facing and will work with you to create a work plan, a project timeline, and a budget that works for your company’s needs. With over 22 years of experience in entrepreneurship, management, business planning, financial analysis, software engineering, operations, and decision analysis, I can offer the breadth and depth of experience needed to understand quickly, diagnose complex systems issues, and craft the most suitable solution.

Efficiency = Opportunities

Every business should always look for opportunities to raise efficiency and make the best possible use of its time and resources. We have spent the past 10 years working on a number of automated systems to create efficiencies of scale with internal teams from finance to warehouse to sales and HR. Download our whitepaper that details this system in more detail.

These are essential priorities for finance and accounting teams, where smooth, reliable performance is crucial to the organization’s operation.

With this in mind, consider the various methods and tactics available to help your finance function be more effective and deliver greater value for the business.

One such practice is continuous close, which can deliver clear benefits for the company but could also require a significant shift in how people do their jobs.

But the most common benefits of this practice include:


Trying to balance the books at the end of the month, only to find the numbers you’re working with need to be updated or updated, is a common problem for accountants. Continuous close relies on technology – which reduces the risk of human error – and helps you maintain a high accuracy level by reconciling accounts daily.

Time savings

With traditional month-end accounting tasks taken off their hands, the people on your finance team can concentrate on more worthwhile and valuable activities, such as analyzing the numbers in real-time and putting them in the context of the company’s current plans, goals and challenges. As well as supporting better business performance, this helps to deliver a more fulfilling professional experience for your employees.

Regulatory compliance

Keeping your finances and accounts in check is essential not only from a commercial perspective but from a compliance standpoint as well. Real-time balancing of your books enables a high level of visibility over your financial situation for auditors and industry authorities, which is particularly important in regulated sectors.

Well-informed decision-making

Every big decision you make as a company should be made in the context of your financial circumstances, so it’s a benefit to have a clear and reliable picture of where you stand – particularly regarding cash flow – before committing to any additional spending or investment. There is a significant advantage of continuous close for the 86% of firms that have said they need more insight from their financial analytics.

Meet The Team

We are GP Dynamics Specialists. Certified. Passionate. Problem-Solvers. Systems Thinkers.

Jon Barkman, Principal

(Principal and CEO)

Jon Barkman founded the company 22 years ago and works with a number of companies specializing in warehousing, inventory, freight, trucking, accounting and telco as well as government. He specializes in financial systems.

Aidan Barkman, Associate


Aidan Barkman is an Associate and works with Full-Stack Development, GP Dynamics and SQL. He is an enthusiastic professional who is eager to contribute to team success through strategic attention to detail and excellent organizational skills. He has a solid understanding of backend and front end and end-user needs.